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Roof Racks Mercedes S-Class

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Date Vehicle description Make

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Part # Rating KG Price Install Comments
1991-3/1999 S-Class (W140) sedan prorack small logo prorack p-bar mini pic P17-K074 75 pt faa  
Yakima logo Prorack Whispbar tiny image roof rack S17-K074 75 pt faa  
7/1999-2006 S-Class (W220) sedan Unfortunately we no longer have a listing for this vehicle.
2006-2012 S-Class (W221) sedan Yakima logo Prorack Whispbar roof rack mini pic S27-K621 75 pt faa  
Prorack Whispbar tiny image roof rack S16-K621 75 pt faa  
Rhino racks logo Rhino 2500aero roof rack RLKVA-2xVA118-DK215 60 pt faa  
2012 on S-Class (W222) sedan WITH mounting points in roof (Not AMG or LWB) Yakima logo Mini pic Prorack Whispbar anchor point roof rack S26-K934 75 pt faa


mini pic Prorack Whispbar thro roof rack S17-K934 75 pt faa


ALL S-Class Coupe Sorry, we do not have roof racks available for these vehicles.