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Part # Rating KG Price Install Comments
11/2015-on Fortuner GX wagon WITHOUT solid rails prorack small logo Prorack Whispbar roof rack mini pic S6-K954 75 pt faa .
Prorack Whispbar tiny image roof rack S16-K954 75 pt faa .
Prorack HD roof rack T16-K954 75 pt fb  
Rhino racks logo Rhino 2500SPortz roof rack RV0671 75 pt faa  
Rhino 2500aero roof rack RLKVA-2xVA126-DK441 75 pt faa  
Rhino Racks using permanent track imbedded in roof ditch:
Rhino racks logo . RLT600-2xVA126-RTS544 100 pt fh 2 X-bars
. JA8825-black bar JA8824-silver bar 100 pt fh
. JA8827-black bar JA8826-silver bar 100 pt fh 3 X-bars
. JA8829-black bar JA8828-silver bar 100 pt fh
11/2015 on Fortuner GXL and Crusade WITH solid rails prorack small logo FLush rail bar S5-K1034 75 pt faa


mini pic prorack roof rack railbar S16-K1034 75 pt faa


Rhino racks logo Rhino RLTF track mount heavy duty roof rack SX046-VA126x2 80 pt faa  
Thule logo Thule Rapid fit roof rack small pic


75 pt fb  
WB-Edge small 9592-4071 75 TI fb  
Rhino Racks using permanent tracks with factory rails removed, roof lining needs to be dropped, all day job:
Rhino racks logo . RLT600-2xVA126-RTS549 100 pt fh 2 X-bars
. JA9181-black bar JA9180-silver bar 100 pt fh
. JA9183-black bar JA9182-silver bar 100 pt fh 3 X-bars
. JA9185-black bar JA9184-silver bar 100 pt fh

Gallery Toyota Fortuner Roofracks

Whispbar roof racks Toyota Fortuner Whispbar S5W-K1034 Fortuner with rails

Whispbar roof racks Toyota Fortuner Whispbar S16W-K1034 Fortuner with rails