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Roof Racks Mercedes X-Class

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Part # Rating KG Price Install Comments
4/2018 on Mercedes X-Class without raised rails prorack small logo Prorack Whispbar roof rack mini pic S8-K932 75 pt fb  
Prorack Whispbar tiny image roof rack S17-K932 75 pt fb  
Rhino racks logo Rhino 2500aero roof rack RLKVA-2xVA137-DK499 75 pt fb  
Thule logo Thuel GL754 roof rack small pic 7105-7115-5004


pt fb  
4/2018 on Mercedes X-Class with raised rails Rhino racks logo mini-Stealthbar RSB04/4-RSK01 75 pt faa .
Mini pic Rhino rack SXB SX100-VA126 60 pt fb Link to Dodge Journey roof rack image
prorack small logo Mini pic Prorack Whispbar rail bar S45 75 pt fa .
Mini pic Prorack Whispbar rail bar S7-K328 75 pt faa  
mini pic prorack roof rack railbar S17-K328 75 pt faa .
Thule logo mini pic thule RT757 roof rack RT9583 75 pt fa .
mini pic thule RT757 roof rack 7104-7113 75 pt fb