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Roof Luggage Boxes

There is a huge range of choices for car luggage boxes. We usually carry over 20 different models in the store which we have selected as the ones that have proven the most popular. We can also order in at short notice another 15-20 varieties from Thule, Rhino, Rola or Yakima. To help identify what the important features are for your purpose we have prepared a helpful buying guide.

Luggage box display Thule Pacific 200

Whispbar WB751/WB752

Thule Atlantis 600 luggage box

The Whispbar WB751 and WB752 luggage boxes are high end roof boxes from Whispbar. With great looks, QuickDock attachment and a limited lifetime warranty they are great choice.

Model Vol. (ltr) External (cm) Internal (cm) Weight (kg) Opening Colour $ Comments
WB751 400 180x89x43 160x75 17 dual Gloss black or silver $950

High end box for smaller vehicles

Texture Carbon $895
WB752 450 200x89x43 180x75 19 dual Gloss black or silver $995 State of the art box for mid-size and larger vehicles
Texture Carbon $925

Thule Powergrip

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Thule Motion XT Range

Thule Motion luggage box

The Thule Motion XT range is extremely popular giving great features at a good price. With 4 sizes rated to 75kg and dual side opening there is a box for most requirements. Installation to your roof racks takes just a few minutes with rapid fitting 'power grip' attachment claws. The Motion XT boxes have a smart gloss finish so as well as being practical they look great too.

Model Vol. (ltr) External (cm) Internal (cm) Weight (kg) Opening Colour $ Comments
XT-Sport 300 189x67x43 185x60 16 dual Titanium or black gloss $875 Smart ski box
XT-M 400 175x86x46 169x80 17.5 dual side Titanium or black gloss $975

Large general luggage box.

XT-L 450 195x89x44 191x83 20 dual Titanium or black gloss $1025 Great all rounder: skis and luggage
XT-XL 500 215x91x44 2050x86 23 dual Titanium or black gloss $1150 All rounder with even more room: siks and luggage
XT-XXL 610 232x95x47 226x87 26 dual Titanium or black gloss $1475 Simply huge.

Thule Powergrip Power grip Thule Dual side open Thule

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Thule Touring Range

Thule Pacific Luggage box thule fast grip

The Touirng range is Thule new entry level range offering great features at a competitive price. They are high quality European manufactured boxes in a range of sizes. Installation to your roof racks is very quick with the 'Fast-click' attachment claws. All boxes are available in either a 'titan aeroskin' textured finish or for a small extra they are available in a smart gloss black finish.

Model Vol. (ltr) External (cm) Internal (cm) Weight (kg) Opening Colour $ Comments
S 330 139x90x40 134x85 10 dual side grey $595

Great box for smaller cars.

gloss black $695
M 400 175x82x45 169x76 13 dual side grey $695 Popular general luggage box
anthricite $695
gloss black $795
L 420 196x78x43 190x72 15 dual side grey $725 Large general luggage/ski box
anthricite $725
gloss black $825
Sport 300 190x63x39 185x55 12 kerb side grey   Discontinued
gloss black  
Alpine 430 232x70x42 226x62 15 dual side grey $775 Large ski box with lots of length.
gloss black $875

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Rhino Master Fit Luggage Boxes

Rhino Master Fit 440 luggage box on car

The Rhino Master Fit range is the latest box from Rhino and offers top end features for an excellent price. This range of boxes is manufactured to very high standards resulting in a tough and stylish box. Attachment to your roof racks is by 4 robust quick fit clamps which suit most roof rack profiles. All the boxes come with dual side opening and with a metal reinforcing strip that allows for a 75kg load capacity.

Luggage box attachment

Model Vol. (ltr) External (cm) Internal (cm) Weight (kg) Opening Colour $ Comments
RMFT320 320 193x65x42 188x60 15 right black $635 Sports box


370 193x65x42 188x73 14.5 dual black $655

Smaller box for a bit of extra storage.

RMFT410 410 192x82x42 187x77 17.5 dual black $695 Great all-rounder ski box and general luggage.
RMFT530 530 216x91x44 211x86 20.5 dual black $835 Great value for an extra large box.

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Yakima SkyBox Pro

The SkyBox-CARBONITE boxes are Yakimas newest range of cargo pods. They take many of the high end features of SkyBox-PRO range, with a smart dimple finish and an excellent price. High end features at an economical price. They are manufactured to a high quality in the USA and built tough with lots of reinforcing not seen in other brands. Featuring dual side opening, 75kg ratings and quick release mounting clamps as standard. The lids have internal reinforcing panels making the boxes the sturdiest on the market. The quick fit attachment system allows the boxes to fit on to most styles of cross bars rapidly and securely.

Model Vol. (ltr) External (cm) Internal (cm) Weight (kg) Opening Colour $ Comments
SkyBox 12-CARBONITE 340 233x61x41   18 dual   $699

Smaller box for a bit of extra storage.

SkyBox 16-CARBONITE 450 205x91x38   21 dual  


Great all-rounder ski box and general luggage.
SkyBox 18-CARBONITE 510 230x91x41   24 dual   $999 Large box for skis and luggage.
SkyBox 21-CARBONITE 600 230x91x45   28 dual   $1099 Supersized box

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Budget Roof Boxes

There are plenty of cheap boxes now available and we regularly get approached to sell the latest new bargain box. In many cases they are knock-offs of old Thule models without the quality or functionality of products such as those shown above. However, we understand that some people just want a box for occasional use on the family trip and the cost of a high spec Thule or Rhino box can not be justified. Therefore, to meet this demand we recommend several boxes that offer excellent value and without compromise on quality. The boxes we recommend are manufactured by Thule and Rhino so you can buy and use them with the confidence of using a premium brand.

Yakima Rocketbox

Rhino 81002 luggage box

The Yakima Rocket Boxes are extrodinary value for top end features. They have a universal fast fitting system, 75kg rating, dual side opening and a lifetime warranty! Truely top end features at bargain prices.

Model Vol. (ltr) External (cm) Internal (cm) Weight (kg) Opening Colour $ Comments
PRO 12 340 147x91x41   16 Dual Black $475  
PRO 14 400 188x84x41   18 Dual Black $575  

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Foldable roof box: Thule Ranger

Thule Ranger roof box

The Thule Ranger is a clever combination of flexible storage bag with built in rigid base. It gives you an extra 340 litres of roof top storage when you need it then when you are finished it rolls up in to comapct bag. Attachment is via 4 'Easy-Snap u-bolts.

Model Vol. (ltr) External (cm) Internal (cm) Weight (kg) Opening Colour $ Comments
Ranger 90 280 110x80x40 105x75


Zip sides and rear black-grey $550

Flexible general luggage bag.

Ranger 500 260 190x50x30 185x45   Zip side Black-grey $625

Flexible ski bag (3 pairs).

Notes: Does not fit Prorack Whispbar or Rhino/Rola heavy duty bars

Thule Ranger 500

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