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Rhino Fixed Mount Roof Rack

Rhino pad mount Roof rackThe Rhino Fixed Mount roof rack is a smart sports roof rack that can often be used when removable roof racks are not suitable. For example 2 door cars often lack a suitable roof return to hook an attachment clamp on for the rear bar.

The rack has 4 permanently attached pads that the roof racks can be fixed to giving a strong and secure permanent roof rack system.

The pads are securely attached to the roof with non-corroding rivets after first treating the holes with zinc paint and sealant. You can read about the fitting process on our blog



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Cross bar colour Black
Ease of fitting first time

Allow about an hour for assembling and fitting a pair of cross bars the first time on most vehicles.

Ease of fit/removal The cross bars are secured with a single screw each end. Both removal and refitting can usually be done within 10 minutes. The mounting pads remain afixed to the car.
Security The rack is secured with anti tamper fastenings that require a special tool (supplied) to remove.
Transferable Rhino Fixed Mount roof racks are vehicle specific
Warranty Lifetime manufacturer's warranty

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